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About Us

We are a web based independent pet supplies company. We, like you, love our pets and want what's best for them in quality but along with the day to day essentials, we also like to treat our family friend to nice things or something a bit different. So we have tried to keep that in mind when choosing what products we would like to sell on our website. Our mission in setting up this business is to offer good quality products at competitive prices. You put a lot of time and energy in providing a healthy lifestyle for yourselves and your family and likewise we believe that this should be applied to the pets we care for. Your pets health and well being are important to us and because of this we are careful in choosing which products we sell on our website.

Using our own experience of what works and doesn't, combined with that of friends and family, owners of diverse pets from cats and dogs to Pygmy hedgehogs to pythons and bearded dragons, we have created a range of products which we hope will appeal to you. Alongside the big recognisable brands we have sourced some smaller niche suppliers for something a little bit different.

For example take a look at the puppy and kitten starter kits, great for first time or experienced owners alike, they can be delivered as a gift and contain a range of essential and fun items for that new arrival.

We really want to hear from you so please take the time to register your pet's details with us and we will send birthday wishes. In addition to this, if you mail us a picture of your pet wearing one of our products, we will feature them in our Rogues' Gallery. And don't forget to send in interesting facts for our blog pages.

We are a growing company and open to suggestions, if there's a product or range you think would be good for our customers then please let us know and contact us at sales@petproductsbypost.co.uk. We will certainly take a look and if we feel it will compliment other products on our website we will certainly try and stock it for you.

Until we update again,