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Dog Walking in the bad weather...

It's not just the cold weather that's dangerous for pooches but, rather, the grit put down on roads and pavements to prevent people from slipping - or cars from crashing. For dogs, this salt grit can be particularly harmful because it contains chemicals which can produce burns on paws if they come into prolonged contact. To help your dog's when out, avoid walking on gritted surfaces where possible.

The other danger is ice balls forming between the pads/toes of the feet or clinging around the surrounding fur - dogs with particularly hairy feet and fur are more vulnerable. Always check for ice balls on your dog's paws and remove them while out walking if your dog suddenly seems uncomfortable or starts limping Not only is this uncomfortable for the dog, but slush and ice on the roads can also contain harmful chemical de-icing products. Keep your dog away from any Antifreeze. It is tasty to them but highly poisonous. Make sure you mop up any spills if you are using it

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar and an ID tag and is microchipped. It is important to ensure your microchipping database is up to date with your address and contact details so should you loose your dog when out, they can be reunited with you in no time at all.

The RSPCA advises: "You may not feel like going for a walk in winter, but the exercise will keep your pet happy and healthy. You and your dog should wear reflective clothing to ensure you're both visible. There are lots of ways to be seen with Hi-vis or LED products.

Be Seen, Be Safe, Keep Walking and Keep Warm.