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Kitten Starter Kit for Girl - Classic Purple

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This Kitten Classic Starter Kit is one of a choice according to your budget. All of the products are great quality to ensure your new kitten can eat, sleep and play safely. This Starter Kit arrives wrapped in our pawprint tissue paper and sturdy box and so can be purchased as a treat to welcome your kitten or given as a lovely gift to friends and family for their new addition. 

This starter kit is set up for a girl and comprises of:

To Sleep: A Two-Tone Luxury Purple Velour Pyramid Bed Approximately 40cm x 40cm x 40cm. Doorway is approximately 20cm at from bottom to top x 18cm at widest point, which tapers to a point. This Bed has a reversible cushion and is machine washable. Can be taken with you when your cat stays away from home as fold flat for easy carriage. Your new Kitten will love this bed as it can hide away feeling safe and comfortable, especially in those first few days of uncertainty

To Wear: Ancol Red Velvet Sparkle Adjustable Collar. Sophisticated cats are the perfect match for the soft Red Velvet Sparkle collar. The soft red velvet collar is speckled with silver sparkles, for cats with class. All Ancol cat collars come with safety features as standard; this collar features a break-away buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing. All Ancol collars also feature a warning bell to help protect wildlife. When fitting your cat's collar, ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort. Cat collars should be checked each day.

Warning: If using liquid flea treatments we recommend removing the collar until there is no trace of the chemical on the cat’s neck area. The chemicals from the flea treatment may react with material and the plastic on the collar, possibly preventing the safety clasp from opening as it is designed to do.

To Play: Kong Kitty Fuzz Bugs. Kitty Fuzz Bugs are stretchy and crinkly with a fun rattle sound, providing sensory appeal for the natural hunting instincts of your cat. When fastened together, the toy can be used as a teaser — or separated into two pieces to create a cuddly catnip toy and an enticing ball with a stretchy tail. There are three designs in this range of which one will be delivered in your kit to you for your cat to enjoy. Size: 23-32cm

To Eat :Bella Bowls Designer Fish Metallic lilac Cat Dish This elegant cat dish comes in a lovely lilac design with Veterinarian-recommended stainless steel interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior with the Bella Bowls hallmark. The removable rubber base prevents skids and spills, eliminates noise, and are fully dishwasher safe.

Potty Training: Clean N Tidy Cat Litter Tray Made from durable plastic with high sides to prevent spillage. Size 37cm. Colours may vary

To Groom: Ergo Cat Moulting Comb We know cats normally groom themselves, however regular grooming by yourself can drastically reduce fur balls and their associated problems. This comb has 2 levels of pins which allow for the removal of hair on moulting cats and kittens. The pins on the comb are rounded stainless steel which will not scratch the skin.



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