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Cat Brush/Comb Bundle Set

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This well known Ergo Range of grooming tools is all you need to keep your cats coat healthy and shiny. Save pounds buying as a Bundle.

The Bundle consists of:

Cat Slicker Brush: This Cat Slicker Brush is designed for longer coats and for easing out tangles. Keeping coats knot free.

Cat Moulting Comb: This moulting comb has 2 levels of pins which allow for the removal of hair on moulting cats and kittens. The pins on the comb are rounded stainless steel which will not scratch the skin.

Cat Tick Tool: The tick remover gently removes all sizes of tick from your cat's skin, beneath the undercoat.

Flea and Nit Comb: This flea and nit comb is designed to help detect fleas and nits which is the first step to effective treatment. The comb is white on purpose, the fleas, nits and eggs are more easily seen against light colours and will help you to conclude if further treatment is necessary.


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